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Pug Health


teddy-male apricot pugTeddy

Teddy is one of the darkest apricot pugs ever. He is eighteen lbs., a little bigger, but he produces small pug puppies. He has a little longer snout, which is why he doesn't have any breathing problem's even when he gets excited. Teddy is our best producer of apricot pug puppies.

miju_male adult pugMiju

Miju is our favorite fawn male. He is fourteen lbs. and very stocky. His puppies are show quality and are very, very active unlike Teddy's who are laid back like daddy.

micky_male pugMickey

Mickey is our only black male pug. He is only one year old and will be breeding soon.

female apricot pugJulie

Julie is a very dark apricot female. At 14 lbs. she is very red. Julie quite often has her tongue hanging out to the left, this means she is happy. Julie has had 2 litters of puppies and is expecting her third soon.

mother pugMother pug going inside to have puppies soon.

sophie-female pugSophie

Sophie is a dark apricot pug and a very good mother.

amber-female pugAmber

Amber is apricot and one of our smaller females at 12 lbs.

Kasey-red pugKasey

Kasey is another very dark red pug and known for having healthy puppies with lots of wrinkles.

Emmy lou-female apricot pugEmmy Lou

Emmy Lou is one of our darkest apricot pugs.

Julie-curious pugJulie hunting a mouse
ally oop - female pugAlly Oop posing for the camera
female pug relaxingSissy doing alittle relaxing
female pug watching sunsetShelby loves watching the sunset, we are pretty sure she is at least part human.

mac-german shepardMac

Mac is keeper of the pugs.

apricot pug femaleBee Bee

Bee Bee is a very dark apricot female.

red pugSonya

Sonya is another very dark apricot female.

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